Wild Side Brewing Company

Wild Side Brewing - Food

Grand Rapids has the beers!

Every year thousands of people and handcrafted items made by local artisans flood the downtown area from West Street to Mill Street. Located at 24194 Front St, in Grand Rapids, OH. Beautiful views and even better homebrewed beers in the home of the Applebutter fest!

Stop in to try one of our famous brews today!

First Course Starters

Balsamic Bruschetta

Ripe Tomatoes | Pickled Red Onion | Roasted Garlic | Fresh Basil | Crumbled Feta |Balsamic Reduction on a sourdough Crostini

Smoked Chicken Wings

1 lb brined & hickory smoked wings, baked crispy and tossed in the sauce of your choice. served with blue cheese or ranch

 | buffalo | spicy garlic | bbq | sweet chili

Cheese & Truffle Bread

roasted garlic | olive oil | our house cheese blend baked crispy and topped with fresh basil & parmesan cheese

Wild Game Sausage Board

duck sausage with apple brandy, wild boar with cranberry, rabbit with white wine and fennel, served hot from the oven with pickled onions, dijon mustard and crostini

Smoked Pork Wings

three juicy bone-in pork shanks cold smoked, oven roasted then tossed in spicy garlic bbq sauce. served with peppadew peppers drizzled with balsamic reduction


Detroit Style Pizza

10″ x 14″ Pizza

Build your own, get creative

Hand – Stretched Dough Baked In

Detroit – Made

Blue Steel Pans Until Chewy on top and crispy on the bottom

Covered edge to edge with housemade San Marzano Tomato Sauce and Freshly Sliced Wisconsin Brick White Cheese

Gluten – Free Crust and Vegan Cheese Available upon request

$1 Toppings

extra cheese | pepperoni | olives | banana peppers | green peppers | jalapenos | onions | fresh basil | arugula | balsamic glaze

$2 Toppings

portobello mushrooms |  roma tomatoes | roasted red peppers | roasted garlic | sun-dried tomatoes | grilled artichoke hearts | pickled onions | ricotta cheese | pineapple | salami

$3 Toppings

meatballs | hot italian sausage | sliced prosciutto | chorizo | roasted chicken | spicy italin salami | corned beef | wild game sausage [boar, rabbit, duck]

Specialty Pizzas 

Wild Side Supreme

pepperoni | onion | sweet peppadew peppers | olives | portobello mushrooms | italian sausage

The Greek

Pesto and olive oil sauce | roasted chicken | feta cheese | olives | onion | roasted garlic and artichoke hearts


The Italian

prosciutto | salami | ricotta cheese | tomatoes | fresh basil | roasted garlic | balsamic reduction

The Hunter

boar sausage | bacon | rabbit sausage | onion | roasted garlic

The Gatherer

button mushroom | roasted red pepper | roasted garlic | onion | peppadew peppers | basil | balsamic reduction

oven roasted grinders

Hot sandwich served with chips

Corned Beef

dijon mustard | pickled onion | sweet pickles | house cheese blend | cracked black pepper


housemade marinara | meatballs | pepperoni | prosciutto | banana peppers | pickled onions | house cheese blend


dijon mustard | mayo | artichoke hearts | portobello mushrooms | roasted red pepper | pickled onion | balsamic reduction | parmesan cheese | house cheese blend

Havana Dip

pulled pork | prosciutto | thick cut bacon | peppadew peppers | house cheese blend | pickled onions | garlic aioli & honey dijon vinaigrette dipping sauce

The Greek

Salami | Black Olives | Banana Peppes | Red Onions | Pickled Onions | House Cheese Blend | Garlic Aioli | Greek Dressing

The Hog

Pulled Pork | Thick Cut Bacon | Diced Jalapeno | Pickled Onion | House Cheese Blend & Side of BBQ Sauce

Fresh Salads

Add chicken to any salad


feta cheese | banana pepper | black olive | red onion | roa tomato & greek dressing

Fresh Salads


pepperoni | black & green olives | salami | artichoke hearts | roasted red pepper | banana pepper | roasted garlic | red onion & housemade red wine vinaigrette

Bacon & Blue

thick cut bacon | roma tomato | roasted garlic | pickled onion & cracked black pepper & blue cheese dressing

Et Tu Brute : Death of the Caesar Salad

chicken | peppadew peppers | pickled onions | roma tomatoes | caesar dressing

A La Carte

Chip basket
stuffed peppadew peppers

Dessert Menu

2 slices NY style cheesecake topped with luxardo cherries

Cheese Cake