Online Store Rules

Online Bottle Shop Terms & Conditions

  • Online Bottle Shop is the name of our online store where we will occasionally sell our bottles of beer
  • All orders must be picked up within 45 days of purchase . Bottles unclaimed will be forfeited.
  • Someone 21 years of age or older must be available to pickup your package.
  • Bottles are sold on a first come, first served basis, and are not guaranteed unless you are a Wild Side Syndicate member
  • Customers must be 21 years of age or older
  • Online Bottle Shop is not for Licensed Retailers of beer. Beer purchased from Online Bottle Access is not for resale



We do not offer shipping.

Minimum and Maximum Quantity Order

In order to streamline efficiency with fulfillment, each order may have a Maximum order amount. Quantities will vary for each release.


We can’t guarantee access to all bottle releases. Additionally, we don’t commit to how often bottles will be available through Online Bottle Shop. We might have multiple bottle releases available through Online Bottle Shop one month, and then not release any others through Online Bottle Access for the next couple of months. Wild Side Syndicate members will have priority access to bottles over Online Bottle shop. Follow us on social media (Instagram/Facebook/Twitter) to find out when bottles are available online through Online Bottle Access.

Online Bottle Access is not a Club

Online Bottle Shop is not a club, and therefore it does not include any benefits that are included with The Wild Side Syndicate membership or the Taproom Club.

If you would like first access to purchase most bottle releases online, no minimum order volume, the ability to pick-up your bottles at Wild Side brewing Company, the ability to combine multiple orders into one shipment, or discounted purchases, we suggest you check out our Syndicate membership or Taproom Club.

Additional Conditions

All orders placed through Online Bottle Shop are for consumption and may not be resold. Licensed retailers of beer are prohibited from purchasing bottles through Online Bottle Shop. Drink the beer, enjoy the beer, or trade it with your friends. However, please do not resell our beer without obtaining a wholesale account with us. Reselling bottles without a wholesale account with Wild Side Brewing Company is illegal and can jeopardize both of us. If a customer is found illegally reselling our beer, we are obligated to notify the Alcohol Beverage Control of your violation of the law. The terms of Online Bottle Shop may change at any time.