Fresh Ohio Hops & The Black Swamp Art Festival

I traveled to Sandusky Ohio and picked up (90 pounds!) freshly picked hops from Ohio Hops LLC for our soon to be released Barrel Aged & Wet Hopped Farmhouse Ale!!!  Our take on the historic harvest ale was brewed with Ohio malt and fermented with a blend of wild captured Ohio yeast cultures and aged in barrels we procured from OHIO wineries!

This is our favorite time of year because it perfectly showcases the tight links in the chain of how craft beer is made. From farm to glass, it is never more evident than right now that none of this is possible without these great farmers continuous hard work and stewardship of the land. If you love craft beer go thank a farmer (Maybe by buying him/her a beer?!) because people like Ohio Hops LLC & Ohio Malting Company are invaluable and we would all be stuck with plain old water without them! #beerfarmer #ohiobeer #drinklocal #drinkwild


The first place you will be able to try our fresh hopped wild ale will be at the  Black Swamp Arts Festival !!! This is their 25th year celebration and this festival is by far the best event of the year for art, music and food. You would be hard pressed to find another that rivals it in the entire country.  We are very proud to be pouring our beer at the "Art of Beer" tasting on Saturday the 9th from 12-6. Come out and have a drink with us!