The Time Has Come!

Beer Release!

It is my pleasure to announce that we are currently labeling two beers that will be released to select craft beer establishments around the area in mid-May. These beers will first go to an online presale for our Wild Side Syndicate members a few days before they are released. If you want to assure you get our first release (as well as all the others) look into a Syndicate memberships which will be available until June 1st.


Beer Release #001

Native Star-


~ A golden ale (6.5%abv) aged in a American oak barrels with our home grown wild culture. Blueberries are added to this beer in copious amounts to give this Native American berry an in your face presentation and jammy mouth feel. This ale is best enjoyed the same way in which the ingredients were grown and gathered, outdoors and with friends.


Beer Release #002

Harvest Dawn (L'Aube De La Recolte) 

~ This Biere de Miel (7%abv) was brewed with our friends at Four Fires Meadery! They brought us over some local raw wild flower honey that we added to the beer right before it was transferred to our coolship to be inoculated by the Ohio night air. After it finished fermenting in American Oak Barrels, we added 3lbs of apricots per gallon as well as cinnamon sticks and Madagascar vanilla beans. The natural yeast and bacteria in this collaboration created a nice light acidity that is balanced out by the malt character and nuanced mouth feel from the special additions. This beer was made with friends and is meant to be shared with the people you like to collaborate with the most.