2018 Syndicate Membership Is Coming!

The 2018 Syndicate Membership will open for enrolment on January 1st at 12:00PM

With the addition of our new brewery and tap room being built in Grand Rapids Ohio, we have added some great new benefits to the Syndicate Membership for the upcoming year!

 1) A tap room discount will be added to the membership benefits. Exact details for this are still being worked out with the tap room POS system. It will likely be a discount on every drink purchased and/or a club card that gives you discounts or free merchandise after collecting purchase points. This membership card will also keep track of your membership bottles and extras so that when you come in to collect, it will show what you are owed. This will help streamline the pickup process and give set times and days for our members to come and collect.

2) The price of the membership will remain at 150$ for new members! First time syndicate members will receive 8 exclusive bottles throughout the year. ALL ORIGINAL MEMBERS WHO SIGN UP FOR 2018 WILL STILL RECEIVE 10 BOTTLES. These two extra "secret" bottles will only ever be made available for our original syndicate members as an on going thank you for being the first to join with us.

3) Tap room events! I plan on having at least one members only tap room event a month. The tap room doors will be locked to the public. There will be special release beers held back to be released on these nights for you guys to try first. I hope to do some catering for these and also rare bottle shares. None of this will ever be advertised outside of the syndicate membership.

 All of these new benefits will be applied to our original syndicate members. All original members can renew at anytime when the 2018 membership opens, until June 1st, 2018. Your renewal fee is only 75$.

Thanks for reading! If you are interested in joining the club please read the details here. If you a current member and have found this membership to be of value, please share the 2018 posts when you see them. i ask that you only share them with people you feel are knowledgeable and passionate craft beer enthusiast. All membership dues go right back into improving the brewery and making the best product possible and I hope to get our beers into the hands of the people who will appreciate them most.


Nick Scott